Fans in Awe as Rihanna Graced this Out Fit...View more

Fans in Awe as Rihanna Graced Fin This Out Fit...View more

Rihanna who is known to do everything she likes managed to troll her fans

Queen RiRi has managed to create an impact on the minds of many like no other. Whatever she does instantly becomes news. The International pop star recently made an appearance and what she wore stirred up a conversation. Rihanna who is known to do everything she likes managed to troll her fans. 

It’s a known fact that all of us are desperately waiting for Rihanna to drop her new music album but clearly the diva is keeping us hanging. We all know of Rihanna’s Fenty collection, now the “Love The Way You Lie” singer has dropped a t-shirt with the caption, “No More Music” written on it. The clothing is being sold for a whopping $230 but it’s actually the message that has set the alarms ringing. 

The t-shirt was dropped on Tuesday at a Fenty pop-up in New York. A mentioned earlier, the message is a major troll for all her fans. Her last album, Anti came out in 2016 and now it has been over 3 years but there is clearly no sign of any music coming out of Rih. 
The stunner was recently named as the richest musician in the World and honestly we are just not surprised. Rihanna’s Fenty collection has made all the right noises as it is an all inclusive brand. Mumbai girl Naomi Janumala was recently in the news as she starred in the singer’s Fenty collection. According to the 19 year old model, Riri was quite happy when she learnt that Naomi was from India.