10 Ways A Girl Could Accept Your Proposal

10 Steps To Keep In Mind Before Proposing To The Woman of Your Dream 

So you've found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

How do you ask her to be yours -- forever? 

Read carefully  and find out now!  

You should push your nervousness aside and remember that, once you have a full plan and know what to expect, you'll be able to propose to your girlfriend without any blunders at any stage.

You don't have to do anything Crazy about it you just have to be still from within you to Make that grand gesture if you want to and think its her and know it deep down she will appreciate it. The most important thing is that you speak from the heart, and that you find the perfect way to let her know how much she means to you.

Remember, you may wish to, or have to, ask her parents if you can marry her first, otherwise they will not be happy with you and buying an engagement ring might be useful. Proposing marriage is a big step, get started at step one below.

1. Ensure that she's the one. 

Deep down in your heart you should know she's the one and that there's no doubt about it. For every successful relationship is like a ship with a sailor for every turn makes a perfect turn.

To this effect there's always a synchronous or uniform speed between the two entities if all is coupled out right in character, in lifestyle and in accepting who and what you both are to each other...

Being sure she's the one is a gateway to getting a successful start to your proposal it gives you the right sense of humour and it reduces your anxiety of being despised and rejected. 

2. Be confident with your relationship

Being confident in your relationship is a factor that chastised infidelity...  Being confident  also is a factor that defines self discipline just as the the adage perfect love cast out all fear is the summary of self discipline, values,  trust and the boundaries that's surrounds your relationship..  In this manner if you've been faithful & she is sincerely in love with the chemistry then we are good to go. 

3. Consider asking her parents permission

Seeking her parents permission is a key factor of casting all fears, if she loves you then there's likely no tendency for rejection 
Asking  her parents permission will just be as simple as ABC...  So no worries Just straight vibes! 

4. Decide when to propose. 

Everything  under the surface of the earth is define in respect to time if the time is right then your relationship is ripe brother! And if she's yours truly then the time will be unconsciously writing in her heart ... OK But don't be too dicey about it. Simple things most times usually turns out to be the best things so think smart  so you don't stress your head really hard planning to impress her in distress will only get things stressed up for the both of you. 

5. Decide where you will propose. 

Another question is where am I going to propose?  Well it could be just any where she will get thrilled of all the ecstasy  in the world..  It could be in an Event center,  Gala night, Church,Sports or beach or in a Planned Scene that requires a breath taking moment other examples could be a famous restaurant with an amazing view, a covered bridge or a picnic, etc.

Well the bottom line to this question is define in your lifestyle and your bride to be, So be creative about it & if you are so sure about it, it will be compounded in your head. 

6. Consider how you will propose

Once you've decided the when and the where, the intimate details of the how need consideration. Naturally, there is the ring to produce, but what other elements do you want to add into the mix to make this an especially memorable and romantic occasion for her? 

Bear in mind that the manner in which you propose will be retold by her many times over, so make sure it's good! There are many possibilities and it's entirely up to you what you do but for some inspiration, here are some suggestions

Try the traditional pose. Bend down on one knee, take her hand in yours and ask her to marry you . The beauty of this gesture is that it's universally recognized thanks to the movies, and it can be performed anywhere. Just note that if there are other people around, they'll be eavesdropping (kindly!), so expect their interest and support.

7. Choose a ring

If you know what kind of ring your girlfriend wants, then great. But if you don't know or don't want to ask, get a temporary ring, and then get another after you propose; for many women, choosing their own ring is the preferred option. But if you know exactly what kind of ring she wants, then you should try to sneak out a ring she usually wears to get it sized and to find out her ring size.

She'll be touched that you remembered exactly what she wanted -- and that you got it in the correct size! But if you have no idea what kind of ring she wants, asking her about it "casually" will pretty much let her know what's on your mind

8. Be Well Dressed 

Dress handsomely, according to the occasion and choice of place. as can be. This is very special and it deserves to be "picture perfect". She'll appreciate the effort you've gone to. Naturally, this only applies where you're planning to propose
 somewhere elegant and you have time to change beforehand. If you're proposing on the beach, during a hike, skiing, or as you're skydiving, use your common sense about what to wear!

9. Rehearse before the said date 

Keeping your composure is the ornament of wholeness that insights each moments...But not to worry just ensure not to forget those magic words them till it becomes the melody in your heart each passing day.

If you're going to propose, it pays to rehearse in advance. Practice asking, and practice explaining the reasons as to why you love her so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

This will help you avoid being tongue-tied when the important moment comes up. This doesn't mean you should put a lot of pressure on yourself. Though it helps to make your girlfriend feel extra special, in the end, she may only remember the words, "Will you marry me?"

Keep the proposal simple, to the point, and from the heart. For example: "Mel, I love you more than words can ever express.

You're the most thoughtful, generous, kind, and beautiful woman I've ever had the fortune to know and I'd be honored to have the chance to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?"

10. Propose

OK then game set if you're all set and done if you've completely a greed in your heart with the above measured steps then you are ready then there is no time like the moment to move on with your carefully thought through plan. 

Bring her along to "the place" and start unfolding your plans. Be sure that you don't give things away by touching the ring in your pocket constantly, or saying daft things.

If you're bringing her to a place she's never been before, or somewhere extra romantic, and you have a feeling that if you're there for more than thirty seconds, she'll know exactly what you're up to, then try to propose as soon as you can, so you don't lose any of the surprise factor.

There may be tears, screaming, or shock.
Don't be fazed; these are fairly standard reactions, even if she has every clue of what you're about to do. It's not real to her until it's done

If she says yes, end the proposal with a kiss or a hug. And don't forget to put a ring on her finger!