Rihanna Delivers the thought of her Children_Readmore

Rihanna Delivers the thought of her Children_Readmore


Star says she wants to be a mother 'more than anything in life'

Rihanna has opened up about her rumoured relationship with businessman Hassan Jameel, saying "of course" she's in love.

In a recent interview with Interview Magazine – which was conducted by American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson – the singer spoke about her relationship status and future plans to have children.
When asked by Paulson who she is dating, Rihanna curtly answered: "Google it."
In June 2017, Rihanna and Jameel were photographed kissing in a pool.

Since then the pair have been pictured together on multiple occasions, including recently with Jameel's family on Italy's Amalfi coast.
Paulson then asked her Ocean's 8 co-star whether she's in love, to which she responded: "Of course I am."

While appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2012, Rihanna said it's important in a relationship to "share your life with someone". "That's what I'm missing right now," she added.

When the topic of marriage arose with Paulson, Rihanna was more coy about whether or not she plans on walking down the aisle, stating: "Only god knows that, girl. We plan and god laughs, right?"

However, when it comes to the prospect of having children, the 31-year-old is certain that motherhood will be a part of her future.
"Do you want to be a mother?" Paulson asked. "More than anything in life," Rihanna answered.
The singer has demonstrated the connection she has with children on several occasions in the past, frequently sharing pictures of herself with her niece, Majesty.

Two days ago, the Fenty Beauty founder shared a throwback picture on Instagram of herself with Majesty as a baby in celebration of her niece's fifth birthday.
"Aunty loves everything about you. My lil oxtail!" Rihanna wrote in the caption.
During her interview with Paulson, Rihanna also spoke about looking after your mental health.

The Unapologetic singer explained how in the past couple of years, she has realised the importance of taking "time for yourself", because "your mental health depends on it".

"If you're not happy, you're not going to be happy even doing things that you love doing," she said.
"It'd feel like a chore. I never want work to feel like a chore."

The Barbadian singer also opened up to Paulson about the general public being unaware of her shy nature, stating that her confidence is the "biggest misconception" about her.

Rihanna recently released her first Fenty fashion line under the luxury LVMH umbrella.

Rihanna revealed in interviews that she wanted every item in the range to feel like something she would wear herself.